Mark Peschke

Author: Northside Law Center, LLC |

Mr. Cohen has been a true blessing, and has over-delivered with the efforts he invested into my case. He was very approachable and communicated complicated legal terms in layman's terms.

As absentee landlord, I had a hard time managing my delinquent client, so after verbally threatening eviction for the 5th time, I realized that my approach didn't work. Northside Law stepped in, quickly filed all papers with Cobb County, and recorded accordingly. Mr. Cohen also developed a detailed payment plan. As a result, our tenant paid up and extended the lease, fully knowing that any further delinquency could result in an accelerated eviction, court costs etc.
After Northside Law Center completed all proceedings, they didn't just close the case, but patiently followed up until I was completely satisfied.

Thank you Michael - Best money I ever spent on an attorney!!!


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