As a landlord, you can evict a tenant for several reasons. The most basic grounds for eviction are failure to pay rent, lease violations, refusal to vacate once the lease has ended, or proof that the renter is using the premises for unlawful activity. While eviction might seem like a fair decision based on the above justifications, it can get complicated if not done correctly. You must tread carefully to avoid being on the wrong side of the law and incurring additional expenses.

At Northside Law Center, we help clients legally remove a tenant from their property and eliminate the risks of complications. Our attorneys will help you steer clear of liability by guiding you through the legal proceedings. We provide thorough legal advice on the steps you need to take and what to refrain from doing when dealing with a matter of eviction.


    • Outline The Process

    As experienced attorneys, our goal is to protect your investment by advocating for your rights. We ensure you comply with state laws and assist you throughout the court proceedings. As eviction means loss of home for the renter, it can get tricky to navigate without professional assistance. This is where we come in. We help you understand the rules that need to be followed and the steps required to successfully evict a tenant on legal grounds. Whether it is preparing the required documents or writing an eviction notice, we help you with the entire process.

    • Avoid Prohibited Actions

    At Northside Law Center, we help you understand your options - what you can and should not do. While it can be frustrating dealing with uncooperative renters, as a landlord, you cannot force tenants out of their homes without a legal proceeding. Self-help eviction methods like shutting off utilities or barring access to the property, are not legal and could provoke a fine. Our attorneys have the expertise and experience to provide you with everything you need to know and assist you in the right way. We take the time to understand your concerns and evaluate your options to give you the best legal advice for your situation.

    • Dealing With Tenant Allegations

    As a ruse to delay eviction, disgruntled tenants may raise claims of discrimination against the landlord. This could state that they are being evicted due to a matter of race, religion, or any other bias. If you have filed a claim on justified legal grounds, our attorneys will ensure a smooth eviction process with the highest legal standards. They have the knowledge and expertise to disprove these allegations and regain possession of your property.

    As highly qualified eviction attorneys, we follow a professional code of ethics and provide clients with reliable legal services.