Kevin Gibbs

Author: Northside Law Center, LLC |

As stated in a previous review, this is definitely a tier 1 TOP SHELF LAW FIRM. I continued to have problems with my landlord accepting my rent. It appears that when I'd gone to court regarding my case, Mr Cohen negotiated a mutually beneficial agreement for both myself and the apartment complex wherein I was to pay an agreed upon amount by a certain date. I'd held up my end and paid per the agreement details. It seems as though the leasing mgr, did not truly understand the court issued consent form, nor how to read it, as it outlined the amount ordered to pay by the judge, and the leasing MGR stated that the late fees were not waived, and the judge did not include a waiver of fees in the consent order. I reached out to Mr Cohen, and explained what was going on and he advised me on how to best explain the consent order to the leasing manager and further advised that he (the leasing manager) contact their attorney as he had a copy of the same consent form and have their attorney explain it to him. I followed Mr. Cohen's advice, and brought in a copy of the consent form as well as the proof of satisfaction of previously agreed upon payments ordered by the court. Upon breaking the form down line bt line, the property MGR stated he'd accept the rent and gave me receipts for my rent payment and stated he'd get with their attorney . Once again, Attorney Michael Cohen's representation is the representation that goes beyond the courtroom.


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