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Whether you’re dealing with a problematic tenant or drafting a lease contract, consulting a lawyer who specializes in Landlord and Tenant rights is essential. Landlord-Tenant Attorneys have the legal knowledge to maintain rental properties, draft lease agreements, and even process an eviction should it be required.
If you’re looking for a Landlord-Tenant Attorney in Buckhead, Michael J. Cohen can help you.

The ownership or rental of a piece of real estate is a lifelong dream for many, but the paperwork involved in such legal matters can often be a source of confusion, leading to disputes. As a Landlord Tenant Attorney, we travel the extra mile to put our words into action; we represent landlords and tenants alike who are involved in eviction cases.

At Northside Law Center LLC, we seek a prompt resolution; we strive to redefine our boundaries by devising a creative and strategic solution for every client.

We believe that an open line of communication is mandatory.

Buckhead is bustling with life as it offers adventure and leisure activities. It was only natural then that the region witnessed a spurt in housing and landlord-tenant disputes. Over the years, Northside Law Center LLC has been assisting landlords and tenants in Buckhead to help them resolve such conflicts.

Why Choose Northside Law Center, LLC?

  • Experience: 40 years of experience as an Eviction Lawyer.
  • Honesty: Providing creative and strategic solutions to client’s Legal matters.
  • Communicative: Maintains open communication with clients during their case.
  • Kindness: Gives sufficient time to the clients to vent their troubles and explain their circumstances.
  • Integrity: Professional code of ethics to provide clients with reliable Legal services.

Mr. Cohen is very helpful! He has spent a lot of time on my case and finally settled a very hard landlord/tenant case for me. I would highly recommend Mr. Cohen to anyone has landlord/tenant issue.

Yue Dong

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