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When it comes to landlord and tenant cases, tenants are usually seen as a vulnerable party as they are at the mercy of the landlord. Landlords have the liberty to evict tenants whenever they please, provided the eviction is based on just circumstances. For the protection of tenants against inconveniences and unjust evictions, the law requires a landlord to issue an approved notice with a valid reason for the eviction, like paying rent late or threatening the safety of neighbors.

Similarly, the law also protects the landlord, especially from people who unlawfully inhabit the landlord’s property or refuse to comply with their rules. That way, both parties are assured justice in the event of legal challenges.

However, if you plan to exercise your rights as a tenant or landlord, you will need the services of an experienced eviction lawyer to help you with an eviction filing or defense services against such actions. These specialists will also help you prepare your paperwork and represent your case in the small claims court.

At Northside Law Center, LLC, I have over forty years of experience in eviction law and have received the highest recognition possible in the legal industry for my services. While I assist landlords and tenants, I ensure that I guide each party without bias.

To help my clients seek the justice that they deserve, I offer creative and strategic solutions to their legal matters and give each case my best. As the law can be challenging to interpret for lay-people, I also take the time to explain it to my clients. That way, they are aware of their rights, options, and the extent of their case.

As a leading landlord-tenant attorney in Atlanta, GA, I make sure to put my clients’ needs first, and thoroughly evaluate their case before preparing them for the next step. With my services, my clients can rest assured, knowing that I will represent them fairly and provide them with the individual attention and services they require.

If you require a landlord-tenant attorney in Atlanta, GA, feel free to reach out to Northside Law Center, LLC.  You can also email me at mcohen@nsidelaw.com or get in touch by clicking here. For more information about my practice areas, please click here. I am very passionate about my work and am happy to help you in any way that I can. 


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