Changes That Were Taking Place In Relation To Courts During The Pandemic

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The pandemic brought about some significant changes globally, and many businesses were struggling to keep up. For the most part, people were not allowed to leave their homes when most of the country went through lockdowns with a spike in the number of people catching the virus. There were other changes like the mask mandate and maintaining social distance through the pandemic.

With people not allowed to move out unless, for essential services or medical assistance, companies and businesses had to implement rules asking for remote working. All meetings, whether they were internal, along with client meetings were now remote and digital, which was turning into the new normal. Most businesses and companies were struggling to make ends meet with a significant decrease in productivity. Employees also admitted that they were struggling to get through their work from home because of constant distractions by commitment, errands and dealing with their families.

The changes lead to uncertainty about the future, and a lot of people were losing their jobs. The changes also meant that people were not investing in specific items and projects, not considered urgent. They were also delaying projects till the economy stabilized and everyone had a better understanding of their work schedules. We noticed a lot of people moving to smaller accommodations. Additionally, many did not have to stay in metros and could move to rural areas because they did not have to visit the office and could get their work done from a low rent area.

Among all the changes that took place in the last year, the pandemic has to be the biggest one for most, as well as the closing of courts came a close second. With courts temporarily shut, a lot of the work handling was pushed to the backburner or stalled till the pandemic situation was better adjusted. Additionally, we could not begin some of the newer processes because they were connected to going to court. There were a few tasks that we could handle, and we were happy to work on those.

There were a few clients who were looking to be able to possess their property. Some were open to buying a new place and moving during the pandemic, but they could not because courts were closed, which meant that they had to wait for things to get better.

Additionally, with a lot of the work done remotely, people were not meeting as often as they were in the past, which meant that we were in no hurry to rush to court if they could solve the task at hand without that. There was a significant reduction in court appearances. However, like every rule, there were exceptions, and I continued to represent clients during these trying times.

Here are some of the changes that we had to adapt to if we wanted to function during the pandemic

Change #1: More remote sessions
While there were many restrictions and changes taking place throughout the pandemic, we foresee brief moments where the authorities will loosen restrictions. We believe that there will be a considerably large amount of business when the government lifts restrictions. We also predict more court appearances and an increase in Zoom hearings. People will want to finish their work and complete the process that they are working on, so they were pushing for a lot more remote sessions so everyone could get through them while staying indoors, at home, safe. The change would be a big deal because clients would see their cases progress instead of waiting through the pandemic to get it done. 

Change #2: Reach more settlements
I am not sure how this would affect my business, but these are changes that we cannot stop. With most lawyers and people not wanting to head out to the country due to the pandemic, they were looking to settle cases as soon as they could and move on. We were unsure how the change would impact our business, but we were open to adjusting to the change.

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